The Illuminati is a secret society of powerful people who have been working together behind the scenes to control the world and its population since at least the 18th century. Their goal is to create a New World Order. The reason of our existence is to help those that are willing to help themselves. The Illuminati is a secret society of wealthy people who control the world’s wealth. We have infiltrated many organizations and governments around the globe.

There are two types of people in the Illuminati: high-ranking members and lower-rung members. High-ranking members are called “Illuminates.” They are the ones in charge of recruiting new members and running the organization. Lower-rung members are known as “Masons,” “Knights Templar,” and “Freemasons.” These are the people who actually carry out the orders given to them by the Illuminates. Once you join the Illuminati, you’ll be taught how to use your mind to control people and situations around you. You’ll learn how to hypnotize people, and you’ll be trained in special skills to help you control other people. join the illuminati today and achieve wealth’s, powers, fames and what so ever you aspire in the new world order. you’re special, and you’re destined to rule the world.

    You have picked the way of significance

    Plentiful riches, Fame, and Power in your grasp.

    The Illuminati have been known to control the world’s wealth and financial systems by controlling the worlds gold supply and its trade routes and other financial institution in the globe. are you ready in the NWO, you are expected to respect the rules and regulations that governs the illuminati brotherhood.

    Illuminati club 6666 has helped with each immense enhancement for this planet since the essential human government was set up. Our work is frequently set apart by unmistakable images as a method for completing our impact history for those wishing to explore.

    Does the Illuminati require human penances?

    NO! The Illuminati’s motivation is the assurance of the human species and making people rich to totally achieve their targets and dreams

    Illuminati assists individuals with accomplishing various objectives and targets.

    Illuminati advances harmony, love, and joy in families and companions.

    It advances distinction and wealth among our individuals who want it.


    1: You should be 18+ years old to join enlighten society

    2: You should accept that cash is influence a lot is cash

    3: You should have the option to settle on your own choice to join enlighten

    4: You should have discipline and great practices among your different individuals

    5: You should know the motivation behind why you need to join enlighten